Best Laundry Service in Brooklyn NYC

NYC Laundry Delivery Service provides premium laundry service in Brooklyn that conveniently includes picking your laundry up and having it thoroughly and professionally cleaned before the courteous team returns the laundry to you. Whether your clothes are casual, formal, or semi formal, our friendly specialists will see that your items receive the appropriate care to clean your garments safely. We serve neighborhoods in New York City and adjacent areas. With modern cleaning products and practices, your clothes will arrive back at your home within 48 hours and with a fresh, renewed lease on life. Our concierge team will provide updates to help you feel at ease while your clothes are away, receiving a thorough, yet gentle cleaning.


Sometimes our customers need their clothes in a hurry. For those occasions, we offer same-day laundry services in Brooklyn. Our service is always door-to-door, and we provide contactless pickups and deliveries upon request. So there is no need for you to leave your home. Serving our customers with the utmost professionalism has been our primary focus from the beginning. Our clients are our number one priority. Therefore, we always strive to provide the highest-quality laundry solutions and customer service. Operating as a Brooklyn laundry and dry cleaning service provider in NYC is a hectic job. Nevertheless, we are up to the task and well-prepared to get the job done and leave you feeling satisfied.

Best Laundry Service in Brooklyn NYC

Our customers often come to us when they feel like the allotted 24 hours in a day does not allow them time to get their laundry done on their own. If you are feeling this way, we will step in and literally take the laundry off your hands so other essential areas in your life won’t have to be put on hold. We are among the best laundry delivery services in Brooklyn, and not only do we say it, but we also prove it. We serve communities across Brooklyn to allow large and small families and businesses to skip the Laundromat. We can work with a variety of clothing and textile fabrics and obtain the results our clients need.


Serving Brooklyn is our pleasure as we strive to make the fast-paced NYC life hassle-free and more comfortable for all. We understand you have so much to do, yet seemingly little time to accomplish it all. Therefore, we invite you to pack your laundry in a bag and request us to pick it up. We will transport your laundry to be cleaned and delivered back to you within 48 hours. No matter how fast and hectic life in Brooklyn becomes, you can count on us to get the job done promptly and to your satisfaction. When you schedule our services, you can choose from among the following premium laundry and organic dry cleaning solutions in Brooklyn, NYC:

Same-Day Laundry Pick-Up and Drop-Off in Brooklyn NYC

We often encounter customers who need to have a particular suit cleaned for a last-minute meeting or fresh set of bed linens for guests who will be arriving later in the afternoon or in the evening. NYC Laundry Delivery Service will provide same-day laundry delivery service and same dry cleaning whenever time and availability permit. Here’s how to request same-day laundry service in Brooklyn.

1. Sign Up

Our same-day booking process begins when you submit your contact details on our website. Sign-up is fast and straightforward and can be done within 60 seconds whether you are at home, at the office, or on the go.

2. Schedule a Pickup

To request that we have your laundry picked up, cleaned, and delivered to you on the same day, complete our booking form and let us know how much laundry you have as well as any extra services you would like to request, and when you would like us to pick up your laundry. For even faster assistance, please send us a text message to (646) 692-0371.

3. We’ll Pick Your Laundry Up

Once we receive your pickup request, we will assign a member of our team or one of our dedicated partners to pick up your laundry from your home within the specified time frame. If you would prefer a contact less service, let us know!

4. We’ll Clean Your Laundry

We provide an assortment of laundry services, including wash and fold, hand laundering, and dry cleaning. After we have finished cleaning your laundry in accordance with your request, we will neatly package your laundry and prepare to return to your home. We’ll coordinate a time frame to drop your laundry off.

5. Delivery

The final stage in our process is to deliver your fresh, clean laundry to you. If you have requested a contactless service, we will leave your laundry in your requested location and confirm drop-off.

We Offer Door-to-Door Delivery Service Across New York City


In addition to providing attentive, premium laundry service in Brooklyn, we are also available to provide prompt, professional & affordable laundry service in Brooklyn to your friends and family members and throughout the New York City. Our team offers same-day and next-day pickup, cleaning, and delivery within these areas. We provide hassle-free laundry service in the following locations:


1. Same-Day Laundry Service in Queens NYC

If you are in a pinch and need same-day laundry delivery service in Queens, we can help. Based upon availability, our courteous drivers will travel to your home and save the day. Furthermore, we will see to it that your clothes receive the same thorough cleaning items receive during our standard service process, and we will have our driver or trusted partner return your clean laundry to you within your requested time frame.


2. Same-Day Laundry Service in Harlem NYC

If you live uptown and are in need of a reputable same-day Laundromat in Harlem, we’ve got you covered. No matter where you are in Harlem, our team will pick up your laundry upon request and provide same-day cleaning and laundry delivery service whenever availability permits an Express turnaround.


3. Same-Day Laundry Service in the Bronx NYC

Do you live in the Bronx and need same-day laundry service? Let NYC Laundry Delivery Service do the job for you. Whether you live or work in the area, we will cater to your laundry-cleaning needs.

Why Choose NYC Laundry Delivery Service?

NYC Laundry Delivery Service is more than just a laundry service provider. We are a team of professionals you can count on when you need your clothes cleaned quickly and with the highest quality service. If you are wondering why you should choose NYC Laundry Delivery Service, here are a few reasons.


Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service in Brooklyn – Sign up, schedule your pickup, and leave the rest to us. A member of your team will come over to pick up your laundry and take it to be cleaned.


Dry Cleaning Service in Brooklyn – We understand the importance of cleaning your delicate clothing without damage. We offer dry cleaning services to safely and effectively clean your wardrobe.


Flexible Laundromat Services in Brooklyn – Our service will allow you to skip the Laundromat and relax while cleaning your clothes and promptly return them to your home in Brooklyn.


Professional Laundry Workers – Your clothes will be picked up, cleaned, and returned by dedicated laundry and delivery professionals in Brooklyn, NYC, who are committed to providing excellent service.


Safe Detergents and Washing Machines – We won’t cut corners! When you count on us, we will go the extra mile to be sure your clothes are cleaned with high-quality detergents in safe, well-maintained machines.


Online Booking and Laundry App – There is no need to visit us to drop off your laundry or call us to make your appointment. We provide the convenience of online laundry booking to save you time and to make doing your own laundry a thing of the past.


Reasonable Prices – Whether you require weekly laundry service or if you want to treat yourself to the gifts of free time and clean laundry once a month, our services are priced favorably for all budgets.


We understand you have a lot to do with limited available free time. At NYC Laundry Delivery Service, we bring the highest quality wash and fold and dry cleaning service. When you call on us, you will always enjoy the convenience of scheduling a pickup, knowing we will be there to collect your laundry, and receiving fresh, clean laundry promptly. At home, in the office, or on the go, our team of talented laundry workers in Brooklyn, NYC, is always just a quick text, email, or phone call away.